Wellesley College Homepage Descriptive Transcript Video on screen: A professor in a mask talking to her students. The entire first row is empty and students in the second row are seated six feet apart, all wearing masks. The professor is speaking through a microphone, using her hands to communicate her point. Projectors are stationed behind her, displaying information for the students. Video on screen: A student wearing a mask is seated in the classroom. They are speaking into a microphone. Students in the background are watching the student speak. Video on screen: In Alumnae Auditorium, a professor on stage is leading a class. Their students are spaced out in a semi-circle in the aisles of the auditorium. They simultaneously jump and stick out their hands. The students and professors are all wearing masks. Video on screen: Two students are crouched on a wooden floor with markers and posters. The student on the right is pointing at the posters as if debating how they want to draw. Both students are smiling brightly. Video on screen: Two students are hugging each other in the kitchen basement of Harambee House. A blue mixing bowl and Betty Crocker’s brownie mix is sitting on the table in the foreground. Both students are smiling. Video on screen: Five students are walking underneath an archway behind Green Hall. It is snowing and they have their hoods up and they’re facing away from the camera, walking in the same direction. Video on screen: Two students are walking towards Clapp Library. They are facing away from the camera which is stationed at the top of the hill to give a wide shot of the scene. Billings is featured in the background. The building and land is coated in snow. Video on screen: Two students are playing on green grass in the background. Pink flowers are in the foreground. One student is in a handstand while the other stands. Video on screen: Two students are sitting on the grass behind Bates Dining Hall. Orange chairs and tables sit on the grass. The leaves of the tree are changing from green to orange. Video on screen: A single student is sitting on a wooden table writing in their journal. The lake in the background is reflecting colors of green and red, as the trees surrounding it are changing into autumn colors. Wind is blowing the student’s hair across their face. Video on screen: A masked student types on their laptop at the black tables outside of Lulu in front of Alumnae Lawn. Students in the background are sitting around the fire pit speaking with each other. Video on screen: A screen recording of a Zoom gallery is displayed. Students are laughing on screen. Video on screen: A professor wearing a mask is handing out paper to her students who are also wearing masks in a classroom. Video on screen: A masked student wearing a white lab coat is carrying a beaker with purple gloves. Another student is typing on their computer at a desk in the background. Video on screen: Two field hockey players are playing on the field. The sun is setting in the background. Video on screen: Three students are on the ground floor of the Field House. Two students are passing a weight ball between each other. The third student is catching a weight ball from a thrower that is off screen. The third student misses the catch and laughs at their fumble. Video on screen: Students on Munger Meadow are tossing a red frisbee. Video on screen: Two masked students are rowing on Lake Waban. One is in a red canoe and one is in a yellow canoe. The water is reflecting the red and yellow colors of the trees. Video on screen: A drone shot of Lake Waban with students rowing across the water. The sky is blue and the sun is high and bright. Video on screen: An overhead drone shot of Tower Court during autumn.